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      Trước khi đặt vấn đề - thắc mắc, hoặc muốn tìm hiểu cách sử dụng diễn đàn AsianLabrys, xin vui lòng click vào đây, và tham khảo những chủ đề đã có trong box Hướng Dẫn/Thắc Mắc/Ý Kiến. Nếu thắc mắc chưa được giải đáp, xin làm theo như sau: a) Nếu bạn có câu hỏi hoặc gặp phải vấn đề liên quan đến kỹ thuật của diễn đàn (lỗi gặp phải khi sử dụng, etc.), xin liên lạc với smod Hoangnguyen112 hoặc smod Dimwit, hoặc post bài trong Hướng Dẫn/Thắc Mắc/Ý Kiến B) Nếu vấn đề liên quan đến bài viết và các nội dung trong diễn đàn (xóa, chỉnh sửa, etc.), cũng xin liên lạc với Hoang hoặc Dimwit để yêu cầu giải quyết c) Mọi câu hỏi và thắc mắc về tài khoản sử dụng (tại sao bị khóa hoặc đình hoãn, etc.) và các vấn đề liên quan trực tiếp đến các thành viên khác của diễn đàn, xin gửi thư đến Admin tại địa chỉ asianlabrys@gmail.com


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  1. Mạn trong suy nghĩ...........

    @Thyme Thank you and have a safe trip! I have a family situation so please excuse my delay for a while, take care and I'll catch up with you later. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. Mạn trong suy nghĩ...........

    @Thyme Trước hết là xin lỗi bạn vì sự chậm trễ trả lời của mình. Mình trân trọng sự nhiệt tình cũng như những câu chuyện và hình ảnh bạn chia sẻ. Cả năm có mấy dịp lễ là cả gia đình sum họp được, tuần trước lễ thì mình tất bật chuẩn bị lễ, tụi nhỏ được nghỉ lễ 1 tuần nên cứ quấn lấy mình kể chuyện, khoe thành tích. Tuần sau lễ thì do mình ăn lễ hoành tráng quá, nên lúc thu dọn chiến trường cũng tả tơi luôn. Mình chỉ ở gần mấy đứa cháu à, dịp lễ thì anh chị mới đưa mấy đứa kia về tụ họp nên mình dành nhiều thời gian cho tụi nhỏ hơn. Cảm ơn bạn đã giới thiệu chương trình hay như vậy tới mình. Coi chương trình xong, suýt chút mình tự thuyết phục mình bắt đầu sưu tầm lại. A teapot is just like the series explained, an artwork. So my questions were directed to the original creator/artisan. Majority of teapots available for purchase are commercially produced after a certain model, they won't have the stories readily attached to them. The original work is either destroyed in time, displayed in museum, in private collection or auctioned. If the piece was a period one, the creator's story might not make it into history if (s)/he wasn't so influential to the development of the craft. For the modern pieces, it's easier to have answers to these questions if I know the people to ask and the language (Chinese) to research on my own. Unfortunately, I don't know the language, it's easy to learn to speak but hard to read and write. Most of the information isn't translated or readily available into English due to teapot making is more of a niche division of pottery. Now, as I browsed around, there are a lot more articles, videos about the craft. I've been disconnected from it for so long that I didn't notice. I won't know how a certain teapot comes to be and characteristics to identify it but at least, I'll see how it was made and marvel at the process. I've always wanted to travel to the region and observe how it was made. Now I don't need to travel there to see it, a video won't replace the actual experience of being at the place but it will scratch the itch for now. I like to travel and usually I'd like to be immersive in the culture and place, therefore it usually requires a long time trip. Maybe when I can arrange the time for such traveling, everything will be more accessible to ensure the kind of experience I seek. I was lucky enough to see the maple leaves during the fall while I went on a trip to northeastern states. Their beauty struck me in awe and I stopped at a local shop along the way to sample the famous maple syrup at its source, it was amazing, how can something tastes so sweet and fragrant isn't right? Although to some the smell can be off-putting. I once gifted an acquaintance a bottle of maple syrup in the shape of a maple leaf, and he found the smell unpleasant. You mentioned lavender bouquet gift and it reminded me of a blog where the writer said lavender represents first love, she wrote multiple excerpts, each corresponds to an event/anniversary to express her love to her beloved. It never fails to make me smile whenever I read it, they both have the right mindset in the relationship, I believe their love will grow stronger and deeper, I wish their first love to be also be their last love. Lavender, the flower that has both beauty and fragrance, I'm willing to bet you smile every time you look at the gift also. The lotus flower in your picture is so beautiful. There is just an ethereal quality to the white lotus, it might not be as instantly eye catching as the pink ones but it's a sight to behold and a striking one at that. What enhances its beauty, the fragrance as you said. The gourd and bitter melon are adorable too, is your place an example of city micro farming? Loại bầu này để khô là thành hồ lô phải ko? Bạn có thử để khô bao giờ chưa, bao lâu thì thành hồ lô đựng nước được? Nhà mình mà có cây cảnh như vậy, chắc ngày nào cũng chạy ra ngắm nghía, sợ là ngắm đến bỏ bê công việc. Tai nghe ko bằng mắt thấy, mình hỏi nhiều quá nên bạn đưa hình ngắm luôn để tự cảm nhận cái đẹp hen! Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều vì đã chia sẻ những cảnh vật gắn liền với cuộc sống của bạn, sự liên hệ mang đến cảm giác gần gũi hơn, đặc biệt là khi nó liên quan đến mỗi câu chuyện nhỏ chúng ta đang kể. Tiếng Trung của bạn đủ để đi chợ được là quá hữu dụng rồi. Có thực mới vực được đạo! Trung Quốc là đất nước có bề dày văn hóa và lịch sử, có rất nhiều danh lam thắng cảnh nổi tiếng. Thời gian du học bạn có tận dụng để khám phá ko? Bạn có thể kể mình nghe những trải nghiệm trong quá trình du học ko? Mình cũng có hobby là thích nghe kể chuyện. Mình thích quote này, câu này xuất phát từ đâu vậy? Hai câu này, hơi khó hiểu chút, giống lời tự sự, cũng giống lời nhắn nhủ, vỗ về. Thời gian cần mẫn làm việc quá, lúc mới bắt đầu câu chuyện, mình mong ngóng đến lễ tạ ơn, nhớ mùi lá thyme, rosemary. Bây giờ thì qua lễ rồi, nhưng ngày nào cũng có thể là ngày tạ ơn. Cảm ơn bạn đã ghé chơi, đã trò chuyện với mình, đã chia sẻ một góc cuộc sống, kỷ niệm của bạn. Cảm ơn đã lắng nghe câu chuyện của mình, cảm ơn đã cho mình mượn thế giới quan của bạn để nhìn nhận sự vật. Cảm ơn vì tất cả, chúc bạn và những người bạn yêu thương luôn bình an và hạnh phúc. Hết lễ tạ ơn là tới giáng sinh, lại phải trang trí giáng sinh, chưa mua cây thông nữa. Lễ vui với con nít, mệt cho người lớn. Ước gì mình được trở lại làm con nít mỗi mùa lễ! P/s: ấm trà tử sa của bạn dùng pha trà nào vậy?
  3. Sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now

    No need to apologize, October already chooses to have a rendezvous with the death since life was so unfair to it.
  4. Sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now

    Sorry If I intrude here, but what happened to October? You said goodbye to September and said Hello to November.
  5. Mạn trong suy nghĩ...........

    @Thyme About your pets, can I say "like owner like pets"? In term of being aloof and indifferent, other aspects......no comment. How did you get the frog to leave? Was he not able to find his way back if you brought him away far enough or there are other ways of getting rid of him (while keeping him alive)? I'm sorry to hear about the guppies, sometimes we can be forgetful about our pets and their natural predators. You mentioned lotus leaves, did you have lotus in your little pond, collect lotus flowers, seeds, roots too? And the turtle, what prompted you to set him away? I'm glad that you enjoyed my little tale and told me one your yours that is more surprising and captivating. I'll make sure to refresh my tea tasting memories for recounting some day. Are you able to figure out what the calligraphy written on the teapot is about, seeing that your signature/(title) is in Chinese, I figure you know the language. While we're at it, enlighten me on the meaning of them too please. Of course I could google translate them but then i would only get the literal meaning, not the context or the insight of how they come to be. Whenever I come across a teapot with a unique characteristic such as the one you described, I kinda wonder how it come into existence. The artisans that made them, who are they, how are they like as a person? Is pottery just a mean to and end for them or it's their passion? How did they get into pottery/teapot making in the first place, family tradition or they seek to enter the profession? How was their apprenticeship, who was their master? The design/shape of the teapot, what went across their mind in making it. Was it an novel shape they want to make, an improvement, a connection to them somehow? In a way, they are the artists and people who collect their creations are prying into their minds/lives a little. As I reminisce my past hobbies, I have to dust off a lot of dust to recall what was with me, when and how long it stuck around. Lots of brain work, my brain was so dehydrated from this exercise that I gulped down several cups of tea. And you caught me at "dramatic", how could you be so prophetic? The fashions in which i ended them were rather embarrassing, let me make peace with myself before recounting them. So instead, I'll entertain you with my current hobby which I'm sure is a lifelong pursuit. Are you ready? Babysitting! Yes, you read it right and no, not my child, my nieces and nephews. How can babysitting be a hobby and how did I get into this hobby? Anything that is done regularly and for leisure is considered a hobby and as the number of nieces and nephews I have keeps growing, the time I've spent with them has elevated to hobby status. I've always loved children and enjoyed spending time with them but one day my nephews showed me that the time I've spent with them isn't enough. Their parents brought them over on the weekend and I spent some time playing with them. After a while, I get tired and needed a break away, so I told them to play along while I went to take a shower to refresh. Little did I know that when I stepped out of the bathroom, I found both of them sitting on the floor looking at me with a big smile. Startled but more concerned of them getting cold from sitting on the floor, I asked what they were doing here? The older nephew replied: "We were waiting for you, we want to play with you". I was overwhelmed! I realized that as children born in this time, they don't get as much human interactions as previous generations had. We adults are too occupied with our life issues and very few of us have the luxury and/or the willingness of dedicating our full attention or time when it comes to interacting with children. They spend much more time with strangers than with family and as they grow up, they are very likely to grow apart from their family, then we wonder why we don't catch on with their reasoning or actions, we were not tuned in along with their development. As they grow into different stages of life, they challenge me to maintain and to deepen the connection we share. When they were in infancy and toddler phases, I would have to sit back and watch as they explore the world around them, reactions to foods, curiosity with objects, learning to speak and recognizing familiar faces. I remember one time I was feeding my niece when she was a little over one year old, first spoon was fine, second spoon, she just spitted all over me. I was in shock while she cracked out laughing. At a loss, I asked her mom why would she do that, her mom said maybe she didn't like the food or she was playing with me (imitating rain). Who taught her that, such an unsanitary game?! Then comes the age of 1001 questions of why and how, which often sets me into questioning my own knowledge. When they start school, it would be “My friends are so and so, I like him/her and I do/dont like this subject or I learn this today, did you know......?” One time, my oldest niece was asking me for help with her homework and she complained of how she doesn't like science and it's so boring. After looking through her homework, I had to ask her to let me borrow her textbook. She rolled her eyes at me (in a dramatically joking way) asking why would I as an adult need textbook, didn't I know the answer which proved that the homework was too advanced and she was right to not like to science (too hard). Needless to say the embarrassment I felt at the time, I salvaged myself from the disgrace explaining that I need to know how in depth is the question requiring for the answer. I wouldn't know the best answer for it without knowing how your textbook presents it. So as they learn, I learn again. Then puberty comes along, young adulthood, and adulthood each with its own set of challenges. Some I have figured out, some I haven't. As they grow, I grow along. I started out thinking of playing with children for fun as they are such innocent and adorable beings and surprisingly, they teach me to look at life in different perspectives, to examine the values I hold, to be mindful of my actions. I'm grateful to have so many nieces and nephews, each of them teaches me a little about their hobbies, Legos, painting, musical instrument, etc. I do get overwhelmed with all of them sometimes, when they are in the same house, you can bet that the house is the equivalent of a battlefield. You said if we live to tell the tale is a part of “que sera sera” question, I will have to agree and also add that we live to write the tale as we tell the tale. p/s: wall of text? We both are equally guilty Is that maple leaves? They are breathtakingly beautiful during the fall. I meant to write back earlier (yesterday) but I got carried away with my niece's Fall performance. Thank you again for sharing with me your memories and yes only in our minds, they are immortal. 🍷🍷
  6. Mạn trong suy nghĩ...........

    Tự vấn rồi tự đáp, lẩn quẩn hoài với những điều biết nhưng chưa rõ, hiểu nhưng ko thấu. Mình luôn khâm phục những người có khả năng kiên trì với một điều gì đó. Lý do chắc là vì mình ko có kiên nhẫn được như vậy. Vô tình coi FMV với nhận xét của một bạn có sở thích giống mình (yêu cái đẹp) lại đưa mình vào vòng lẩn quẩn của chấp niệm và buông bỏ.