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  1. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Been up for more than 12 hrs, got another 16 hrs to go. Having to stay awake for more than 24 hrs is really soul sucking lol. This surprise duty messed up my plan but at least I could ask someone up here about my packet. I need all the big people's signatures to make miracle happen. My pay will be significantly lower if i leave Hawaii. Well, i can't grab everything with just 2 hands, gotta leave something behind. Hopefully my wife will be selected next board. It'll be cool if we are in the same branch. I'm hungry, not a fan of fast food but i can't go home or go to restaurants so fast food it is. Gotta let my Soldiers go eat first before i can go get something to eat. Dang, time really flies when my life's falling apart lmao. The first time i pulled duty at this level was at my first duty station, but as a runner. Now I'm the one in charge. I don't like responsibilities I ain't gonna lie. I'd be fit af if running away from responsibilities actually burned calories lmao. Man, my eyes are burning and I'm tired already. At least all the big people are in the field so I can just sit here and wonder when i can leave this island to go to training lol. Also, got my short af leave approved today so as long as i don't die today on duty, i should have the rest of the week off lol. My lieutenant was like "how do you have 119 days of leave???" Yep, all those leave days under my belt but can't really go anywhere cos we keep having training and inspection smh. I really wanna run away from this unit and switch to contracting so help me God.
  2. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Yup, I'm hella lucky. I got selected and didn't have to go to the field. It makes me wonder if a tragedy or disaster is coming up that's about to smack me in the face lmao 😂. Now it's all about getting a class date which is not up to me. Of course i want the earliest one but this guy is taking forever with sending my paper all the way up to HRC. Then I don't even know for sure if my branch will release me right away or come up with some nonsense reasons on why they can't let me go. There's a huge training exercise coming up that i have literally zero interest in going. It requires a ton of effort, training, preparation, energy, sweat and soul. Only being assigned to the October class can save me from it. Losing a limp or an eye will do too but let's not go there lmao. The Army really gives me a shit ton of benefits, terrible body degradation and a dark sense of humor. Well, what can we do when we're put in terrible working condition that's full of long af hours, minimal to zero sleep, extreme stress and pressure, can't see our family for 9 months straight at least, blah blah blah? We can't just simply throw in a 2 week notice saying "I freaking quit" or blow our brains out, can we 😏? I most likely have to be apart from my wife for a hot minute because they ain't gonna send me back to Hawaii after class. I'll probably ask for Korea cos I like the country and the food even though the people there ain't exactly friendly lol. Winter is cold as hell though. I was in the field during winter and it was so cold that my soul left my body at some point lmao. I brought all the food and snacks with me but they were all frozen smh. Traveling around Asia will be way easier from Korea. My wife has been to more than 30 countries, I need to catch up with her. Her NCO back in UK just got a really nice assignment that lets him work at an US embassy in Europe. That's what I wanted, I even started paperwork to apply for it. But i lost interest cos as soon as i complete the transition to my new specialty, i will be traveling all over the world on government expenses and stay at embassy approved hotels. Plus, i can get out of my current miserable specialty lol. The guy who went to the same boot camp cycle with me asked why I would switch cos people got out and made a lot of money doing nothing really. Yeah man, i want a work life balance while still having all these Army benefits. I never had so much interest in this specialty like you do 🤷. TGIF. Not sure what my wife wanna do this weekend. But I'm down lol. God bless those going to the field. Hope the weather is nice and wildlife treats you kind 🤞🙏.
  3. Life is a beautiful struggle

    7 more business days, I hope the results come out early or mid next week tho. I'll be sad af if they didn't pick me. Yeah, I'll still get paid and all but this unit goes to the field too often and always have missions going on. My lieutenant said she would be sad for me if I wasn't selected, but at the same time, she would be sad if I was, too. Because that means I would leave her. Lol, ma'am, you'd do just fine without me. You'd be in better hands and the Army goes rolling along with or without me. Gosh, I'm on my second energy drink already. Will have a meeting later which I'm not interested in attending at all but have to. We're really the most unhealthy but fittest individuals. We drink coffee, energy drinks instead of water at work and then alcohol off duty. But we're the ones that can run and march long distance as well as crush other types of work out. Ain't that something lol? Some of them really show up to physical test being hangover and still pass. Bruh, I'm so in the mood to move to a different country and start all over again if my name ain't on that panel results lmao. My wife's colleague was like "just apply again and you'll get it". Nope, there are only 2 boards a year and that's a long time of completely hating everything about work (except for the salary and benefits of course lmao). I'm so outta here. When i was growing up, i wanted a lot of things. Now that i can buy all the things i ever wanted, i just don't have time or energy to play with any of them anymore. That's just sad, man. I used to work 2 jobs to pay for college and living expenses with no days off for a long time. Now everything is completely paid for but i can't take classes because my ass will be sweating in the field for days. I guess it is what it is.
  4. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Shit that I'm bringing to the field: 1. Wet wipes: if you ain't gonna shower for days and you ain't even bringing wet wipes, what kind of animal are you? 2. Headlamp: because it's a requirement and also, I wanna be hands free. 3. Foldable camping stool: I'm getting old yall. I might get dizzy trying to stand up all the way from the ground lol. 4. Hammock: bruh, I ain't sleeping on the ground in the woods lol. 5. Multi tool: I can cut, use pliers, even pluck my eyebrows using the built in handy tweezers if I want to 6. Zip lock bags: it's gonna rain a lot and we're gonna be out there for days, need to keep my socks and panties dry at least. 7. Inflatable pillow: my body hurts and I don't wanna add a strain neck on top of that. 8. Hydration packets: honestly, I don't wanna drink a lot of water when I'm out in the field even though I know I should. But I don't wanna be a heat casualty either so 9. A shit load of snacks: okay, this one is hard to think. I don't like American snacks and I don't enjoy eating MRE either. What kind of Vietnamese snacks am I gonna bring? 10. Power bank: my phone lasts me longer than I need it to, but having a power bank is always useful out there. Oh and I can charge my headlamp if I need to. Okay that's it for now. Gotta type it all down cos my ass will forget something
  5. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Okay, it's me complaining about waiting for the results to come out, AGAIN. Yes, I know I'm extremely impatient but it's not always the case. Personally, I follow 5 by 5 rule, meaning if something isn't going to matter at all in 5 years then I shouldn't spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it. But we are talking about my future, my career, my household income and my wife's happiness lol. She's waiting to see if I'm selected or not too. Honestly, I can get out and find a decent equivalent civilian job but it is absolutely not what I want to do for the rest of my working years. I'm turning 30 later this year and there's no way in hell I want to wear a big heavy oxygen tank inside of a HazMat suit that doesn't fit me at all and still have to perform well during a mission. I'm tired all the time and my back as well as my shoulders hurt lmao, seriously. The only reason that I can think of in case I'm not selected is my previous physical test scores. I can surely pass but I'm not anywhere near maxing the new test. Bruh, I took it last Friday and it was kicking my butt lol. I hate that Sprint Drag Carry with a passion. Now, to be fair, I totally get it. Why da hell would anyone wanna pay me a nice salary plus tons of benefits if I couldn't even drag someone else out of a car in case of a rollover or something. Of course, I gotta be fit to be in the Army. Boys, I haven't went to the range for a looooong time lmao. My wife has been wearing my body armor and my combat helmet more often than I have. Crap, I'm going to the field soon. I'm not excited at all. This is why I'm trying to get away. My wife even wanna do the same even though she has a nice office job. Well, I just hope we both get selected. That will surely make our dual military lives easier, I hope.
  6. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Tối qua tôi đi theo vợ xuống Waikiki uống Mai Tai với đơn vị vợ tôi. 2 đứa vốn k thích đi ra mấy chỗ dành cho khách du lịch vì vừa đông vừa khó kiếm chỗ đậu xe và vừa bị chém... Nhưng đơn vị vợ tôi host cái symposium lớn, có nhiều ông lớn bà lớn từ những nơi khác tới dự. Tôi có dịp gặp vợ/ chồng của đồng nghiệp vợ tôi, đặc biệt là anh chồng sĩ quan hải quân của thím trung úy gốc Thái lol. Vợ tôi đồn k sai, anh ta cao thật Lúc đi ăn tối cùng nhau thì anh ta suggest vợ tôi và vợ ãnh swap với nhau. Kiểu vợ ãnh dẫn bọn tôi đi Thái chơi, ngược lại thì vợ tôi dẫn đi VN chơi. That's too easy, Sir. Tôi hỏi thím trung úy dẫn ãnh đi Thái lần nào chưa thì ãnh kể hồi trước lúc mới yêu hay mới cưới gì đó thì mấy lão đơn vị ãnh hỏi kiểu "mày chắc là nó có quốc tịch Mỹ k?", "coi chừng là ladyboy đó" Đúng thật là k có cái nghề nghiệp nào trên đời này mà bọn tôi roast nhau như trong quân đội. Tôi nghĩ nhờ vậy mà tôi miễn nhiễm với nhiều thứ, k bị offended bởi lời nói thông thường. Làm giề có ai chửi rủa chuyên nghiệp và sáng tạo đc như mấy người huấn luyện lính mới nhập ngũ :)) Good old days lmao. Tôi nhớ năm 2017, nhiều đêm trong trại huấn luyện bọn tôi bị hành k ngủ nghê gì đc bao nhiêu. Sau khi dậy sớm tập thể lực và trải qua cả ngày dài huấn luyện thì đến tối vẫn k đc yên. Kiểu đang ngủ thì cả đơn vị bị gọi dậy, có 3' để chạy xuống bay. Đứng cầm súng nghe chửi xong bị phạt xấp mặt rồi phải đứng nghiêm suốt 1 tiếng sau đó. Xong rồi đc thả lên lại ngủ, chưa đc 15' sau thì viễn cảnh đó lại tiếp tục 1 đêm làm cho vài lần vậy tính ra k ngủ đc bao nhiêu. Lúc nào bọn tôi cũng trong tình trạng đói meo, buồn ngủ và mệt vật vã. Tôi k hiểu sao 1 đứa bánh bèo vô dụng như tôi, vợ tôi bảo tôi cô chiêu, lại bước ra đc khỏi trại huấn luyện. Bọn nó k biết "trời đánh tránh bữa ăn" là giề. Phạt 100 cái hít đất mới đc cho vào nhà ăn. Vào rồi thì vừa tồn đồ ăn vào họng vừa nghe chửi :)) Nói phải nuốt đồ ăn vào bụng trước rồi mới taste đc đồ ăn ra sao quả thiệt k điêu đâu Có khi k đc 2' để tuồn đồ ăn vào mồm, có nóng phỏng mỏ thì cũng phải chịu vì sẽ bị bọn nó đuổi ra lẹ thôi. Ra ngoài nhà ăn thì phạt tiếp Có đứa nôn thốc nôn tháo thì cũng k có gì đáng đề cập trong đó lmao. Bởi những lúc tôi struggle thì tôi sẽ tự dặn lòng kiểu nếu tôi survive đc những nngày tháng đó thì những chuyện sau này nhỏ như con thỏ. Embrace the suck, they said. But dang son, waiting for the results to come out takes literally forever. I know i've been driving my wife insane too but I'm desperate lol.
  7. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Chụp hình passport for work mà ai rãnh trả tiền professional photoshoot 😏 i don't go to tourist spots
  8. Life is a beautiful struggle

    I know. K, hope you had a good time.
  9. Life is a beautiful struggle

    Tôi tự hỏi ai chế ra câu "đợi chờ là hạnh phúc" vì hạnh phúc thế nào được khi như ngồi trên đống lửa OMG, I just wanna know for sure if I got selected. I'm so sick of waiting bruh lol. By the way, chụp hình làm official passport nhìn gớm thật lmao. I know I don't look good in person but dang son 🤣
  10. 🤞🤞🤞

  11. 7:19 PM Còn 17 ngày nữa tôi sẽ đc về nhà. Chỉ cần hoàn thành khóa này thì tôi có thể quay lại cuộc sống hằng ngày. Đã mấy tuần k tập gym đều đặn như khi ở nhà. Giá như còn đc tập với ông xếp cũ thì tốt biết mấy. Xếp vừa chuyển nơi đóng quân thì tôi cũng từ từ trễ nãi chuyện tập. Bây h mà nhảy dây 1500 cái ở cuối buổi tập có vẻ khó ăn hơn trước. Mỗi ngày tôi đều dặn mình phải bước ra khỏi comfort zone. Tôi hiểu rõ lợi ích của việc đó nhưng dĩ nhiên nói luôn dễ hơn làm. Tôi vẫn thích có đc động lực để làm mọi thứ. Hơn cả động lực là kỷ luật bản thân, thứ mà tôi đang dần lơ là. Rõ ràng là thời gian thi thể lực của tôi nhiều hơn lần cuối cùng thi ở Hàn. Lại sắp tới mùa lễ, k thể để bê bết hơn đc